Saturday, October 31, 2009

Allergic to codeine?

I want to try hydrocodone or oxycodone just to see if I am allergic to those as well. I have difficulty breathing and feel pressure on my chest when I take codeine. Do you think if one is allergic to codeine, they will have a reaction to hydrocodone too since they are derivatives? THanks.
A bit of advice, Dont try taking pills just to see if you are allergic to them. However, Lots of people have allergies to meds but not to the "cousins" of the medications. Lastly, having a feeling of tightness in the chest is not necessarily an allergc reaction. It is classified as as side effect in general, unless you have been diagnosed with a true allergy.
I'm allergic to codeine, too. But I can take Vicodin (hydrocodone) or Percocet (oxycodone). When I take codeine, I turn BEET red starting at the top of my head and it works it's way down my whole body and wherever I'm red? I itch SO bad I want to die. It's horrible. I'd rather die in excruciating pain than to attempt to have that crap again. LOL
Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are synthetic derivatives of codeine. If you're allergic to codeine, do NOT take anything related to it. Especially since you had a severe allergic reaction to the codeine.
Medicine labels warn you not to take them if you are allergic to that medicine or any of its ingredients. Best to ask your doctor but I don't think you should try either.
Allergists are able to test for drug allergies without the hazards of possible side effects from taking a drug you may be allergic to. You definately don't want to wnd up on a ventilator just to find out if you can't take a drug.
Why would you want to take this type of medication just to see if you are allergic to them? That is soooo dumb. I would not suggest taking either, as I was told by my doctor after surgery, that he had to give an alternative to hydrocodone for pain because I was allergic to codeine. Believe me, I was very agreeable, as I do not want to have that experience again. It just makes good sense to avoid a problem when possible. So, why risk having a reaction to a drug, when it can be avoided?

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  1. Makes me sleepy when I'm stuck in the only comfortable position for the leg. Highly addictive when combined with other opiates. I had withdrawl symptoms (nausea, headaches) for at least a week after stopping. I was also taking Percocet with codeine and on a morphine drip for a week prior.


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